Friday, January 7, 2011


 As a busy mother of 2 I am always stuck in "Mommy Mode". My poor hubby gets neglected quite a bit. I actually almost forgot our anniversary this year. If that isn't a role reversal I don't know what is! I guess sometimes you feel like you are programmed to cook, clean, and take care of kids and you forget how you got the kids in the first place. I want to make it a point to start making my "wifey mode" time for hubby. 

I was looking around on and got a lot of great ideas for Valentines Day. We never have a babysitter so we do not go out on dates so I have to be creative. Here are some fun things I have seen on their site that I am very inclined to order:

Hot date party pack

"Make your next date a hot night to remember with this fun and flirty party pack. This playful set contains a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, synthetic rose petals, 10 naughty favor cards, a badge, and a pack of 50 hot date cards. Whether you’ve known them for months or just minutes, you’re sure to "impress the object of your desires" with these fabulous treats that’s sure to "turn up the heat on your date." Grab their full attention with the fuzzy handcuffs and then weave a path to romance with the rose petals. Once you’ve begun the seduction, give out the naughty favor cards to entice your partner further and with the badge pinned where they can see it, there’s no way they can resist. If you enjoy some extra flirting, try the 50 dates cards, filled with suggestions and blanks allowing you to fill in your missing word for raunchy or hilarious fun."

Sweet Heart chocolate box Sensual kit
by KamaSutra

"This would be the most amazing gift to give anyone for Valentine's Day or any special occasion. Everything about this is gorgeous! It screams high quality, expensive looking, tasteful (in more ways than one), beautiful. Not to mention a guaranteed night of delicious fun."

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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