Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not a kids movie...

I decided to watch "Where the wild things are" tonight with my girls. I assumed since it was marketed to kids and that there was even toys out there that it was a childrens movie... This was my mistake. The girls were bored in the beginning by a lot of unspoken drama then scared by 30 minutes in. They then decided to go and color in the kitchen instead. I sat and watched it, wanting to see what all the hype was about. It was boring, and much of it made no sense at all. I kept waiting for it to pick up...it didn't.

Towards the end they decided to come back in and cuddle with me since there was really nothing going on in the movie. Then a particular scene caught them off guard to the point that they both climbed up to my shoulders almost, that is when I shut it off. Once they went to bed I finished the movie, unfortunately. Honestly to me it was a waste of time to watch. To those who plan on watching it, I was careful not to spoil the plot for you, to those who don't plan on seeing it, you aren't missing anything. If you have seen it already I would love to hear your opinions on it!

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