Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I miss baby stuff...

Yesterday once Piper's dress was done I had the idea to make a baby blanket for my neighbor. She has been watching her godson a lot and really doesn't have much for him at her house. I gave her a bassinet so he would have a place to nap. He is 3 months old but sooooo tiny due to being preemie. I pulled out some flannel I had in my backstock of oh so many fabrics. Here is what I came up with...

Of couse while sewing I had memories of when my babies were tiny. Oh how I miss cuddling them and having them sleep on my chest. I was in my own little happy place for about an hour, then Piper woke up crying with a cough and I was snapped back to reality. Then I began to think about the late night feedings, the crying, diapers, having to pack a suitcase to go to the grocery store...
Crisis averted!
For now I will be content with making little things for the neighbors godson. I am going to attempt a beanie cap later after I make a new dress for my neice. Maybe I will throw in some burp clothes too :)

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  1. Hailee would steal that she is drving me crazy needing big blankets!


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