Monday, April 19, 2010

I was embarrased and angry

Letter to Target via Contact us
          I was very angry when I went to Target today. I printed coupons directly from your site. I printed a 5.00 Merona handbag coupon and I already had the 2.00 off a beach towel coupon that was previously on your site that does not expire until 4/24. When I got to checkout the coupon did not ring up properly. The cashier called in a manager and the manager checked the coupon and claimed it was not valid. And for the next few min proceded to explain to me that I MUST have gotten these some illegal way and that these coupons did not exist.Treating me like a shoplifter.In front of a line of people and 3 cashiers He said that they do not come from your website and I was very angry. I asked for my coupons back and he wrote all over them first then gave them to me. When I got to my car I called your hotline and talked to someone who then told me again that the coupons do not exist. Why was my sister in law able to use the same coupon on the same purse 1 isle over at the same time I was in checkout? Why is it that I was able to obtain a print screen showing the option to print this coupon on your website? This is ridiculous. I shop target at least twice a week and this kind of stuff is getting old. I am posting this on my Blog for all of my readers to see. I am about done with Target.


  1. oh I hear you! Let us know what happens.

  2. I would take the screen shot of the coupon to target & try & purchase the purse again.

  3. that stinks! i am tempted to try to print it and see if I can get the purse...

  4. Wow..that's terrible!

    I would definitely print that off, too and snail mail it to them.


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