Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Akron Zoo

Piper had a field trip Monday to the Akron Zoo. We had a lot of fun and she was so glad her Mommy was able to go with her.  Paige went last year when she was in Preschool but my hubby went with her because I had knee surgery last May and was stuck at home. It was tough with some of the hills and it was scorching hot but I made it haha. 
We saw a lot of Animals and got to see them with all of her friends.

Sadly the school is closing, we don't know where it will be next year but we do know that most of the teachers have been reassigned to other areas. I am very sad to see this, Paige went to that school for 2 years before moving on to Kindergarten and it gave her a big step up. Piper has 1 more year before she starts Kindergarten and I would hate for her to miss out.


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