Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer is here!

Yesterday I took my kids to the pool since they are feeling better and then the sun went into hiding. We headed back home across the street and Piper tripped on her towel since she was wrapped up like a little burrito. Her arms were stuck in her towel so she could not catch herself and landed on her face. My poor baby had blood coming out of both sides of her nose and she scraped up her nose and cheek. She was miserable for a while but all of the neighbors babied her for it. Once she received a popsicle from her aunt she was fine and off playing again.

I spent the rest of my day putting in flower beds and planting flowers at my sister-in-laws townhouse and mine (we are neighbors)
During my breaks I was tossing the football around with Paige and the neighbor kids.
Let's just say by the time the girls went to bed and I could relax I was sore and exhausted.

Today we went back to the pool and I soaked up some sun and we had a cookout. It was a beautiful day and I am nice and sun burned! It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I will get some things done while the kids play inside. I am up tonight while everyone else sleeps so I can get my house clean. We have been in and out so much the last few days everything has been left laying around and I want to get it done so we can play some more tomorrow.  I hope everyone is enjoying the weather!

All of these beautiful photos were taken by my sister-in-law today. Please don't mind the fact that I look like a bum and have no make-up on!

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  1. you so don't look like a bum - the pictures are awesome!! hope piper's face is healing nicely!! have fun playing today!!


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