Monday, February 7, 2011

H&R Block Premium review and quick giveaway 5 winners ends 2/10

As a family on a budget we definitely pinch pennies wherever possible so of course filing taxes online is one of those times! I had the pleasure of trying out H&R Block's Premium Edition with online filing. We have been using their in-office services since we got married 9 years ago. Hey you stick with what works!  

When it comes to taxes I like to think I know enough to get me through but here is a piece of useful info for you from H&R Block:

  • -The Earned Income Credit is refundable, so taxpayers can receive the credit as part of their tax refund.
  • -With the Earned Income Credit, a taxpayer can receive more back at tax filing time than the taxpayer paid into the tax system during the year.
  • -The Earned Income Credit is the largest poverty reduction program in the United States.
  • -The Earned Income Credit can be worth up to $5,666 for 2010, depending on filing status, income and number of qualifying children.

    H&R Block At Home offers a range of online and software solutions designed to help all taxpayers – from those with 
    simple tax returns to small business owners with complex tax situations.

    online and software solutions let users easily do their own taxes.  A simple step-by-step 
    interview searches for hundreds of credits and deductions to ensure the maximum refund – guaranteed.  
    New Features
    Free Expert Help and Advice  
    − Users are connected to thousands of questions answered by our community of tax experts. Taxpayers can 
    discuss questions with a tax professional via phone if they don’t find the answer in the community. 
    Community is made up of tax experts from The Tax Institute at H&R Block  
    − Enhanced search options enable easy access to questions already answered 
    − Only H&R Block offers free audit support  – even in the At Home Free Edition  
    Even Easier to Use 
    − Faster set-up and enhanced navigation  
    − Easy-to-edit entries  
    − Streamlined process with fewer repetitive entries 
    Enhanced Import Tools  
    − Additional financial partners for 1099 import access  
    Indentifies money-saving deductions 
    Includes 1099s and tax-deductible transactions 
    It was very easy to use and I did accidentally clicked the wrong screen and my work was saved. It is pretty much idiot proofed ha ha. The whole process from start to finish took less that an hour and that to me is worth it. I saved time and hassle. Not to mention gas money and screaming children sitting in an office :) 
    In 10 days I will have my return and I am 1 satisfied customer. 

    The great people at H&R Block have provided me with 5  $55.00 codes to share with my readers. That is enough for the Premium Edition and it covers taxes! Or use the basic edition and then file your state and they will both be covered. The code works like a coupon code so it will take 55.00 off your total fees!

    This will be a quick giveaway so you can get it all done A.S.A.P.
    Giveaway ends 2/10 @ 9am EST

    To Enter: Leave me a comment letting me know where your tax refund is going this year...or what you WISH it would go to! Please include a valid email address. 

    *No Extra Entries on this one*


    1. My tax refund is going to help pay off debt! I plan to use H and R block and I would be SOOO greatful for this giveaway!

    2. I'd love to be able to book a trip to Hawaii for my family with this year's tax refund!
      sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

    3. Taxes this year are going towards paying off some bills. Thankfully there will be a little extra for shopping! :)

    4. My tax refund will go towards buying a twin bedroom set for my daughter who is outgrowing her crib, and towards paying off bills.