Friday, April 1, 2011

ecomom Nyokki Egg Pet Chick Plant review

My girls love to grow things. They have that look of wonder and amazement in their eyes when they see the progress that their plants are making. I was very excited to give them Nyokki from ecoMom. Once  we started it, it did not take long for the little hairs to pop up and my girls got so excited. This adorable little chick received many compliments sitting in my kitchen. (until there was an unfortunate incident that resembles Humpty Dumpty) I plan on ordering them a new one to replace theirs and probably the Frog one too :)

Nyokki! Nyokki! Nyokki! ("grow! grow! grow!") and that's what these cheerful pet plants do. Adorable original characters, Nyokki are handmade in Japan from glazed ceramic, shaped like an egg (1.75" H x 1.875") with fabric legs. Filled with a growing medium and rye grass seed, Nyokki are easy to grow - seeds germinate and grass grows to full height in less than two weeks. Style Nyokki's "hair" or cut it and watch it grow again! Each Nyokki is nicely packaged (in English) in a clear tube for store display. What's not to love about a Nyokki? "Nyokki" is a Japanese onomatopeia that mimics the sound of a plant growing! It is pronounced "n-yoo-key". Adorable Chick is bright yellow.


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