Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scentsy Review

       Have you ever walked into someone's house and smelled something foul that they were oblivious to? Kitchen odors, cigarette smoke, or animal odors? When you are in your own home you rarely smell these odors because you are continuously in them. This is the case for me with air fresheners too. We will buy a plug in or automatic spray and after about 4 days we don't even notice it. I knew I needed something new.
       A good friend of mine is an independent Scentsy consultant. Her name is Michelle Benders and you can check out her page HERE. She told me about Scentsy and offered to give me a warmer and some scent bars to try out. I love candles but when it comes to small children I get worried. They sit and collect dust so this was a nice alternative. I picked this beautiful Red plug in warmer that I could plug into the outlet in my kitchen above my counter safe from little fingers. The best part is that I don't have to mess with it very much, I can set it up and leave it and the scent lasts for days!

       Along with the warmer she generously added 4 different scents! They were: Blueberry Cheesecake, Cranberry Spice, Hazelnut Latte , and Mochadoodle. They all smell awesome! I wanted to eat the mochadoodle and blueberry cheesecake! I couldn't wait to try them out! There is no water or tea lights needed (in contrast to an oil burner). What's great is the bars of wax last a long time, you break one of the pre-formed cubes off and place it in the top of the warmer and plug it in. Within 5 minutes my whole 1st floor smelled heavenly! 
       We were like little kids and changed it every couple hours the first day, just so we could try all of the scents. Everyone noticed a difference when they came in my house. I got "what are you baking", "wow what smells so good?", and "Oh my God! I want one" from friends and neighbors. My house is high traffic, friends coming by, family, and I have at least 1 or 2 neighbors and their kids here daily.

       I definitely recommend getting one of these! Right now they have some wonderful scents for spring and summer HERE I have my eye on cherry limeade! Help I am addicted!

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