Sunday, June 26, 2011


I am healing from surgery. I had an scope, DNC, ablation and a tubal done on Thursday. I had no idea how much pain I would be in. My incisions are killing me. I have been told that by friends that I should not be hurting this much but the doctor told me that I would be down for 4-5 days. The pain meds are helping but I am trying not to take them too much because they knock me out. Hubby is doing a great job taking care of me, the kids, and the house. My girls are very understanding and are trying to be low maintenance and behave for Daddy. The last few days I have rotated between the couch, front porch, and the computer (when I can tolerate sitting up). I can't wait to start feeling better. This is my "pity me" post and I will get off the computer now :)


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