Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heelys for big kids

Did you know that Heelys are for adults too? Yeah I never really thought about it. I was offered the chance to try out a pair and see what I thought. I looked around on their website and finally picked a pair that I could wear with pretty much anything. I love skater style shoes so their designs are right up my alley. Here are the ones I picked:
They have a lot of cool styles I liked but I wanted something I can wear a lot. What is great is the wheels come out so you can wear them as regular sneakers too!

My thoughts on them as regular shoes:
  • Well made, no loose seams or defects in the details
  • Very comfortable with a lot of cushioning to walk (unlike most skater shoes)
  • Very nice appearance
I got brave and popped the wheels in...Not the best experience for me. This was not due to the Heelys themselves but strictly because I have knee problems and I was slipping and sliding all over the place. Another thing that hindered me is that I never learned how to skate at all (I know shock and awwww) I guess watching the how to skate video would have been helpful at the time also. My neighbor gladly threw them on and gave it a shot! She is a big kid herself so she couldn't wait!
She said "Woo Hoo look at me!" ha ha it was hilarious! 

I know I will be giving it a try again but I will tell you that she was "Heeling" for about an hour having a blast. She said after she was done she could feel the burn in her calves and thighs so they are a great form of exercise for us "old people" so yes I think they are not just for kids anymore...

I would like to thank Heelys for giving us this chance to try them out! Check them out on Facebook!

*I was provided product free of charge for the purpose of this review, my views were in no way influenced by the brand or PR agency*


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