Saturday, October 29, 2011

Costume Discounters Review

     Halloween is one of our favorite holidays because the girls love getting all dressed up and showing off their costumes. This year is no exception. Paige wanted to be a gothic ballerina and they had exactly that at! They have a big selection of girls costumes to choose from.

     Here she is before her school Halloween Party. I told her she looked adorable and she got all mad. Her dad told her she looked scary awesome and she accepted that ha ha.

     I know it is too late to order costumes for Halloween this year but they have really cool costumes to wear for Thanksgiving and Christmas. How cool would it be to have your own Santa suit or Mrs.Clause? I have an elf costume and the kids love when I wear it for school parties and such. I am homeroom mom for both girls classes this year at 2 separate schools. I have a feeling they will have me wearing it again this year :)


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