Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cool Gear Review

In my house we go through a lot of different cups and water bottles and especially travel mugs. I am guilty of being in the store and saying "oh that's cute" or "that will work perfect" then after a week or so they are on a shelf or in the trash. I was pleasantly surprised when we tested out items from Cool Gear inc. and saw there was a big difference. We were sent 3 items. The product that has really been put to the test is the Orange Eco 2 Go chiller that I gave to my husband.

 He has to take a drink with him EVERYWHERE he goes. We jokingly call it his "Buppy" I will say that we have had this for a couple months and he has really loved it. It keeps drinks ice cold.  It has been washed I want to say at least 100 times and still is holding strong with no leaks or cracks.

My girls take snacks with us in the car and it is nice to have a nice cold drink to give them on the go. We were sent an EZ Freeze snack container.

The top portion is placed in the freezer until you are ready to fill it with juice, water, or milk. It is then placed on top of the screw on snack container. It is perfect for Teddy Grahams or goldfish (my girls' favorites).

I have filled this and thrown it in my purse and thankfully it has not leaked!

I am guilty of being one of the millions of moms out there who lives my life fueled by coffee. I drink probably 2 pots total daily. When I know we are going to out of the house an hour or more I like to take a cup with me.

I am so picky when it come to travel mugs it is not even funny. I was skeptical when I was sent the Eco 2 go mug because I figured all travel mugs are the same. I like that my coffee stays hot for a while so I can take my time drinking it and not have to worry about it getting yucky and cold.

This is my new favorite mug and I have actually gotten rid of the others in my cabinet!

You should definitely check them out online, On Facebook, or look for them in your local retail stores!

*I was provided product free of charge for the purpose of  review. The opinions expressed are my own and in no way influenced by the sponsor*


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