Saturday, June 20, 2009


Yesterday was my 26th birthday and I have to tell ya I don't feel any older. It was a typical day in paradise. My mom is moving back in from the nursing home Monday so I had combine my kids into 1 room again. So of course we had them under foot while trying to move things around. Finding random items in their rooms that don't belong. The list includes: 8 markers, a plastic fork, a roll of tape, 3 random puzzle clue to what puzzles but i kept them anyways, and a cook book from my kitchen. I have no clue what they do in there haha. I counted 57 stuffed animals from littelest pet shop to care bears and everything in between. f course each bed has at least 8 then the rest are going into the hammock. Why do kids love them so much? Oh well.

I had a couple friends over for drinks after the kids were in bed and I did not want to get up this morning but my bubbly 3 year old Piper woke me at 9:30am with "Moooooooommy, Daddy made you beck fest" haha. I love her she is so cute. i attempted to eat but i don't drink very often so you know i wasn't feeling so hot. Well I am sitting here listening to the kids fight over the desktop in the kitchen, I am hiding in the living room with my laptop. I will have to give it up eventually so they will quit fighting. just another day in paradise...


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