Saturday, June 20, 2009


Update: Mom lost her battle with Cancer on July 25th 2009. She was a very strong woman and I will keep her with me every day of my life. I love you mom!

This post is dedicated to my mother...Smurf
She was diagnosed with Lung cancer May 2, 2008 and has been fighting since.
In February she had 3 brain mets found
and 2 additional in April
At this point there is nothing else from a treatment standpoint
It is about comfort now
I love my mom, we have had our battles and a few wars but she is my mom She has been recouping from a ruptured bowel and has now decided she wants to move back home with me after being gone 2 months
It will be good to have her home
Hospice will be coming in to help a couple days a week but most of the daily routine and care will be up to me.
I hope I don't let her down.


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