Friday, August 28, 2009

Cutest lil skater shoes ever!

I went to the Target last week, my absolute favorite store! Piper needed a pair of shoes for school. I found her
the most adorable skater shoes by Circo. Are these big girl toddler shoes or what? Piper absolutely loves them and they were not very expensive at all. My kids are pretty clutzy so I always worry about them tripping. Most sneakers have that clunky toe and they trip when they walk. I noticed that these have a slightly angled toe and she was running in them and didn't trip at all! Saves me a trip to the ER! And she looks so grown up wearing them!

They had a BOGO 1/2 sale so Paige got a new pair for school. They are about the same but for big kids. Double laces are still a little tough for Paige. (She just learned how to tie) so I removed the black laces and laced the purple all the way up. When Paige saw them she said:"Those are awwwww-sooooommmmeee!" (Like Rhino the hampster from BOLT) And She says they are super comfy. Another great reason why I love Target!


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