Monday, March 15, 2010

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

I wanted to make cookies with my girls today. Normally I put it off because it is just a pain to pull out all of the ingredients plus makes a big mess. I had these Betty Crocker cookie mixes in the cabinet...

We decided to give them a shot. Making them was easy, they require very little added to them. The girls enjoyed mixing it all up as you can tell...

The chocolate chip dough was a bit thinner than homemade but the peanut butter was just right. Piper helped roll and do the fork prints while Paige put the chocolate chip on the cookie sheets.

Unfortunately most of the chocolate chip cookies had to be thrown away because the dough spread out too thin around the edges but was still fat in the middle. The cookies burned because I had to leave them in until the centers cooked.I followed the instructions to the letter. The peanut butter came out great. They taste very close to homemade. So I give the peanut butter cookie mix a good B but the chocolate chip mix a D.


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