Saturday, March 27, 2010

Killing Zombies...

As my husband was getting for work tonight I heard screams coming from the livingroom. They were coming out of my oldest daughter, Paige. Here comes my Piper around the corner with a happy meal box on her head. She said "I am a zombie" in a monotone voice. After the third time she repeated it I whispered to my husband to get the nerf guns. We then went on a zombie hunt. From the kitchen to the livingroom and back for a good 20 minutes Hubby, Paige, and I were in full battle mode. The happy meal helmet provided plenty of protection from our relentless shots to the head of my zombie/4 year old. She was giggling uncontrolably. It was a lot of fun and we were all laughing so hard our stomachs hurt.
We are still missing 3 darts but we found the majority of them. I will find the rest tomorrow. Just thought I would share my funny for the day.


  1. What great fun AND great Mom and Dad you two are!

  2. that's awesome!! my piper was on a rampage yesterday - still not feeling well and taking it out on her sister and brother...pulling hair, hitting with cap guns, scratching ... yikes! glad you guys had a fun day! *toodles*


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