Friday, December 3, 2010

"Boy Toys" Review from Hasbro

As you can tell by now Paige is not your typical little girl. She plays dress up and then has a nerf gun war while still in heels haha. I love the fact that she knows she can do anything she wants as long as she is happy and that nothing is expected of her because she is a girl. Getting back to the subject. These "Boy Toys" have been a hit in my house:

STAR WARS – The Vintage Collection
Paige watches the star wars movies with her dad all of the time, she thinks they are really cool. Now she wants light sabers so she and he sister can battle for the force.
We were sent the Sand Trooper to review.

"As we continue our celebration of the 30th anniversary of STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, Hasbro is proud and honored to preserve the great tradition that is the STAR WARS saga.  Hasbro recently released The Vintage Collection, a line of highly detailed and superbly styled action figures presented in classic Kenner packaging (circa 1978-1984)."


There is a whole new lineup of SPIDER-MAN 3 3/4 INCH ACTION FIGURES
We were sent the Spider Vision Spiderman for her to try out.
(so far he is the king or the little green army men)
"Wherever villains are found, you and your Spider-Man figure can team up to defeat them! Press the button on this hero’s back to light up his eyes so he can zero in on the toughest bad guys, no matter where they try to hide. When the evil-doers are in sight, make him wield his web accessory to take them on and fight until the bitter end!"


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