Saturday, December 4, 2010

Get organized with Organize it

         I am making a concious effort to get organized. Everything in my house is "where it fits". We live in a very  small townhouse and clutter seems to multiply! The basement is my downfall. When something is in the way it gets carried down to the basement never to be seen again. That is until I need something BEHIND off of that stuff. Christmas time is always basement cleaning time because we have to get to the 7+ cardboard boxes and totes that contain all of our holiday items. My ornaments are all scattered throughout boxes. Am I the only one who puts them in layers with stockings and tree skirts, and everything soft to keep them protected? Organizing them is something I never really thought of because by the time I put them away each year I am just ready to get it done and put back down in the basement where I then have to make room for them again. This year I am breaking the cycle. I play on picking up some other organization items for our holiday decorations and tools (wrapping paper,ribbons etc.). So when I put them back in the corner and forget about them until November at least I will be able to find what I am looking for! Then maybe I can move on to the rest of the basement.  Well back to the subject at hand...

Vision Holiday Ornament Storage Box - Large
I recieved this chest and my first impression was "this is really small" since it came folded flat. I decided to pop it together (with the help of my beautiful blond assistant Piper). It was simple and once I saw how big it was assembled I had to give it a try. Not all of my ornaments are breakable. I have a lot that are wood or plastic that we have colected over the years. I was able to rest 3-5 of these together per compartment. Total with the glass bulbs, and the other ornaments I fit 68 ornaments in this 1 box! It has a nice sturdy hard lid to protect them when they are stacked.
Imagine my horror when I came back in from the kitchen and found the girls using it as a bench to watch TV! Piper is tiny so she is only 32lbs but PJ is my solid football player she is almost 60lbs so to see the 2 of them on it gave me a heart attack to say the least. There were family ornaments in there dating back to my husband's great grand parents in Germany! The lid didn't even bow and the sides held strong!

"You can Easily organize, store and protect your holiday ornaments in a
large 36 Compartment Vision Canvas Ornament Storage Box. This holiday storage chest includes durable dividers to keep fragile ornaments separated while in storage, and has a large clear vinyl window that makes it simple to find your ornaments when it’s time to decorate each year."
  • Durable canvas exterior and binding in festive holiday colors.  

  • Sturdy internal board structure provides great stability.

  • The dividers create 36 ornament storage compartments  4" x 4" x 4".

  • Removable top tray allows easy access to all decorations.

  • Clear vinyl front window keeps ornaments visible when stored.

  • Heavy duty nylon side handles for simple lifting and carrying.

  • Solid, sturdy lid allows for stacking with additional cases.

  • Folds flat for storage during the holiday season.
One thing I hate on Christmas morning is opening all of the packaging that the toys come in! Normally it involves scissors and cutting my hands with the sharp plastic. So when I saw this I was excited! It even came with a mini version so I can keep one at my desk!

The Ultimate Package Opener

Effortlessly zip through thick plastic packaging, corrugated cardboard and other thick packaging with The Ultimate Package Opener. This easy to use package opener will replace dangerous razor blade knives and hard-to-use scissors around the house.

The Ultimate Package Opener features black plastic construction with a comfortable non-slip grip. The handle is easy to hold, making this package opener ideal for those of us with arthritis or difficulty using scissors.

A 2mm steel blade extends with the push of a button. This blade is just the right size to cut the package, but not the contents! When the button is released, the blade retracts for safety. The Ultimate Package Opener can also be used to cut thin cellophane, wrapping paper, CD wrappers, coupons and more. Simply turn the wheel adjustment to extend the blade; this will allow you to score the paper or cellophane without cutting the surface below.

Find both of these items & more at www.organizeit-online.comorganize it- get organized today!

*I was provided a product free of charge to review in exchange for my fair and honest opinion the views expressed are my own*

Where is your clutter dirty little secret? Is it a closet, basement, or under the bed? Leave me a comment I want to hear from you!


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