Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Littlest Pet shop Blythe and Petriplets review

My girls love Littlest Pet shop toys and have always incorperated them with their barbies or small character dolls they had. I was very happy to see LPS add a girl figure to their line. Blythe was a happy addition to their collection! She came with a little puppy on a leash and the winter ice skating theme of the set is perfect since we live in Ohio and it snows November-March here. So far Blythe has ice skated down a hotwheels track, around the bathroom sink, and anywhere else Piper has found to take her.
Littles Pet Shop Petriplets are just adorable!
These triplet kitties are all similar but each in their own pose and they have different color bows. Piper has named them all already and they are the "princess kitties" (I don't know why haha) They come with an adorable little home that she calls their castle. I would love to have a child's imagination for just 1 day! One thing that drives me nuts is there are 500 little clear rubber bands holding everything in to the package. It takes me forever to get the toys open, but I think that applies to most toy packaging. If you come across these or any other petriplets in the LPS line make sure to pick them up for your little girl, she will love them!

*I was provided a product free of charge to review in exchange for my fair and honest opinion the views expressed are my own*


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  2. OMGosh! You're not kidding with all the little rubber bands and all of the packaging. My DD got two of the playsets (and lots of animlas) and it must have taken me at LEAST 30 MINUTES to open the first play set... And that was while using a carpet knife too!! CRAZY!!


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