Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello Kitty Light up Message Board review

       I had 2 dry erase boards, 1 small one on my fridge and 1 hanging on the wall. The keyword being HAD. My wonderful daughters stole them and they sit and draw on them and send little messages to me. Piper practices her letters and Paige writes full requests. For example "Mom in the morning can I wear 1 blue sock and 1 green sock to match my shirt?" haha cute notes like that make me smile. (I am always finding "I love you Mommy" on the kitchen chalkboard also)

      When I was given the chance to try out the new Hello Kitty Light up Message Board I knew it would be a good fit for our house. I thought it to be larger. The retail price is 14.99 so I was expecting it to be about the size of a magnadoodle. The actual size is about 7"x 5.5".   With the size aside lets get to the features...

       I forgot to buy batteries so the first test was using it just as a memo board. The included marker writes with a neon glowing green that is very easy to see on the black background. So the girls had no idea that this board was even supposed to do anything else because they were so pleased with it. Once hubby returned with batteries I had to pry it out of their little fingers to put them in.

      When you turn on the switch the message really glows and pops out at you! There is also a blink setting so the message can blink like a roadside sign. Big hit for my girls! We played the message game for about an hour. Piper would deliver a message from Paige from the other room, I would erase it and send it back with a reply. (erasing is tough because the marker smudges a lot and the included eraser on the pen unfortunately left tiny scratches on the screen) I just switched to a slightly dampened cloth and it worked just fine.

       The board is magnetic so if the girls ever put it down I may be able to stick it on the fridge. Until then it is in Paige's room being guarded. In my opinion this is a very fun toy and my girls really love it. I have seen it available at Toys R Us and Amazon.com.

*I was provided a product free of charge to review in exchange for my fair and honest opinion the views expressed are my own*


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