Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kung-Zhu Battle Hamster review

Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard of ZHU-Zhu pets but what about their new arrivals to the Zhu-niverse?

Meet Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters, the militant hamster arm of Zhu Zhu, loaded with elements that appeal especially to boys. (and football playing girls)

The line features Special Forces, Ninja Warriors, Rangers, and the Skull Tribe Battle Hamsters, along with armor/battle gear, vehicles, and training arenas

We were sent 1 hamster, armor, and a battle tank for review.
Bio of Azer: the older brother of drayko, azer was raised in the dragon clan. He left the clan to better himself, and joined the kung zhu forces. But when his best friend Duke beat him in the arena for title of Liutenant, he knew he couldn’t take it anymore. He left kung zhu, but couldn’t return to his clan because of shame. He created the skull clan, and so far only has one member, and the two of them will stop at nothing to bring about the worlds not so happy day.
Likes: spoiled milk, baseball and the katanas of fire (his personal swords)
Dislikes: sunny days, ice cream and sgt. Serge
I think the concept is very cute and I like the fact that they give them a backstory so kids can really get into it. My girls especially loved the tank. Paige told me that she was very happy to get them. Zhu-Zhus are up there with the pillow pets and silly bandz, they are one of the "IN" toys right now. You have to be careful in my house now so you don't step on a Zhu-zhu or the Kung-Zhu. The house has been transformed into a
Zhu-niverse all it's own!

*I was provided a product free of charge to review in exchange for my fair and honest opinion the views expressed are my own*


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