Friday, January 14, 2011

Capresso 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine Review

I LOVE coffee. I drink quite a bit of it in the coarse of a day. I had a combo cappuccino maker/coffee pot, but rarely used the cappuccino side. It was just a lot of work and after every use you had to take the milk bin out and take it apart and clean it. If you forgot, within hours it was a nasty smelly mess. Honestly I would scald the heck out of it because I was terrified of getting some kind of milk bacteria. It was just more hassle than it was worth so most of the time I would just make plain coffee with the other part of the machine.

When I received THIS espresso & cappuccino machine from Capresso I was very excited to check it out!

I moved the big machine off of the counter and set up the new pot.  

The selectors and process was a lot different than my other machine but I assumed they were all similar. My first attempt at a cappuccino was a bit messy and not very tasty either. I pulled out the directions and got it going the right way (who knew?!)

The espresso brewed very nicely and I was ready to froth my milk. Guess what? No milk bin! I liked it already, but there was a problem. The directions state "fill a small pitcher with the desired amount of milk then submerge the steam nozzle into the pitcher."...I had no pitcher, I did not know that it is not included. So after some trial and error I ended up stealing one of the kids' 8oz plastic cups. We were back on track.

You submerge the end of the steam spout completely in the milk to steam and warm it and it gives it a nice creamy taste, but if you are like me...after you do that you lift it part way out of the milk and it gives you lots of yummy foam!

My only issue with it is that every time I open the steam cap to add water the inner lining rubber dohicky that acts like a plug comes out of the cap. It is a pain to put back in. It may just be that my machine doesn't like me. It does not discourage me from using it anyways.

In the mornings I like to spoil myself with one of these after the girls leave for school. The whole process takes about 5 minutes and you can make 2  10oz cappuccinos (with extra foam of course). If you are greedy like me you will fill a giant cup and drink it all by yourself :) I now have my friends and neighbors hooked and when I say "wanna come over for coffee" I get that immediate "YES!"  Great now I want to go make one. It's only midnight...good thing I picked up some decaf so I can have midnight guilt free cappuccino and not be up until 5am!

*I was provided a product for the purpose of giving an honest review, I was not monetarily compensated and the views expressed are my own.*


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