Friday, January 14, 2011

CSN Review -Video Game Rocker

I was given the chance to shop around on again, and just like before it took me hours to pick something out. The I said "light bulb" (if you have kids then you have seen Despicable me and you will totally get that). Hubby has been sitting on the living room floor on pillows to play his video games. The couch is too far away and the controllers are not wireless.  I keyed in video game chairs and spent another 30 min picking out the right one! He had mentioned that he wanted one before so I knew he would like it. Poof! Christmas present for hubby! I love the selection at CSN. Black really doesn't go with my living room and he really likes blue. Here is the one I picked...
(The one I received is more of a royal blue)

It sat in the living room for 3 days and the anticipation was killing him. We normally don't exchange gifts.
When you are a family on a tight budget, you make sure the kids get what they want first.
Christmas morning he got to open the BIG box he had been staring at. He was so surprised, he thought it was going to be a gag gift of some kind. I have been known to fill a box with pillows, socks, or even newspaper)
Most nights after the girls go to bed now, he gets comfy in his chair and plays his games while I blog. Its funny that that is our form of entertainment haha.

They have a big selection of modern rugs on their site. I am thinking of maybe redoing the living room in the spring. This rug looks like it would match anything and everything I have haha. My curtains are deep red and my couch is chocolate brown. I love color!

A big thank you to!
You made his Christmas!

*I was provided a product in exchange for my honest review. The views expressed are my own and I did not receive monetary compensation*

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