Friday, January 7, 2011

Family game marathon

The girls got a lot of new games for Christmas and we already had a bunch sitting in the closet. We decided on the last night they were able to stay up before break was over that we would have a game night. It soon turned into a game marathon.

It started with a game I recieved for review called Ratuki (review will be posted next) and then turned into massive pile of games on the floor.

Here are some fun pictures from that night!

Piper worked on her new puzzle while we played the big kid game, Her first 100 piece puzzle! It took her less than an hour! She was so proud.

The Pandabo game reminds me of a reverse Jenga. I lost all 3 rounds :(
Paige is the master at Tumble, we played 4 times and she won 3 out of 4. 
 They were fueled by hot cocoa and chex mix and made it until 2am!
 Piper has a knack for balanceing things so she was great at Topple.
 They got bored with Bingo so we moved onto Shoots and Ladders then...
 Candyland! Hey I finally won! Haha
It was a great night and we will do it again on a weekend, the girls are already planning it.


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