Friday, January 7, 2011

Ratuki game from Hasbro review (and coupon info)

I am a sucker for card games. There have been many nights that hubby and I have sat at the kitchen table well past our bed time playing games. (I guess that means we are getting old) I had the chance to try out a new card game from Hasbro before it even hits the shelves! Coincidentally it was released today, I just saw that as I was writing this review!

Enjoy card-slamming fun as you race to complete runs of five with numbered cards represented by lines, numbers and dice. You will feel a rush of excitement as you try to be the first to slam down your cards and collect the most cards in the group. Appropriate for ages 7-100

Paige picked it up very quickly and I can't help but smile when she says Ra-too-key, then takes all of the cards.  She is very sneaky and just as you start to put down your final card in the pile to add to your winnings, she slides hers in and takes all of the cards. She is pretty good at it. She had a friend of her's play with her tonight she had a lot of fun!
Hubby and I liked it a lot and we secretly played later when the hustler was asleep :) The only qualm we have with it is some of the cards have roman numeral-like dashes (more like chicken scratch) on them and the IIII  &  IIIII  cards look so much alike that we ended up confusing them quite a few times since this is a game of speed. Once you get used to that it is a lot of fun.

Coupon Alert! "Like" Hasbro's Family Game Night Facebook page and click on "special offers" to get a  $3.00 off coupon to get your own copy of Ratuki very cheap!

*I was provided this product free of charge in exchange for my fair and honest review, the opinions expressed are my own*


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