Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Win Protection for Your Personal Online Community

With so many viruses out there it is hard to know which anti-virus program to use. If you have ever had the unfortunate event to have a virus get through your firewall than you know the expense and headache that getting rid of it entails. There is a great anti-virus program that enables you to immunize your system with an always connected and safe program. You don't have to have updates to stay protected because it is constantly updating via the internet, and the best part is that you can share it with your friends and family so you know they will be safe too! Here is a little about Immunet:

To foster Collective Immunity against PC viruses, Immunet will give a prize to the person who best promotes Immunet Protect to their family, friends and associates in their online community

Immunet, the online security guardian to more than 750,000 moms, dads, kids and other dedicated community members worldwide, has kicked off a challenge to emphasize the importance of Collective Immunity™ for protecting whole communities’ PCs from computer viruses, botnets, worms, Trojans, spyware and keyloggers that can harm their computers or steal cherished digital memories and personal information.

They are sponsoring a contest through February 28, 2011, to encourage everyday computer users to view the importance of protecting themselves and their online communities  from computer viruses the same way in which they would band together to restrict the spread of a dangerous illness. Immunet is inviting members of local communities across the U.S. and globally to “immunize” their PCs against the millions of viruses circulating  by downloading their free antivirus software.

Immunet Protect Takes a “Real Time Community” Approach to Protecting PCs from Viruses

Founded by anti-virus pioneers, Immunet takes a “real-time community” approach to protecting PCs. Unlike traditional antivirus products, which reside on PC hard drives and take between one and 14 days to gather, analyze and deliver updates—often after the threat has mutated, Immunet Protect anti-virus software identifies viruses in real-time and continually delivers antivirus protection via an Internet connection to its community of Immunet Protect users.

“Immunet protects your PC and the PCs of your personal online community — your friends, family and neighbors, who also happen to be the most likely sources of a virus infection,”  “When Immunet detects a threat, everyone in the Immunet Community is immediately protected, simply by having Immunet installed. Contrast this to traditional anti-virus software that requires the latest download of anti-virus signatures, which can take days to become available after the threat appears.”

Win Protection for Your Personal Online Community — Take the Immunet PC Anti-Virus Community Challenge Today

Simply download Immunet Protect Free at and then invite everyone in your online community to do the same. Ask them to enter your name as the referral source in the download questionnaire. (If possible please put Jennifer Johannsmeier as your referral) (Your friends can put your name) The person whose name is entered as a referral source most often for Immunet Protect Free downloads wins a one-year subscription of Immunet Protect Plus for up to 50 members of their online community, and a 100.00 cash prize. The contest ends February 28, 2011. The winner will be announced Wednesday, March 2 on the Immunet website.

Immunet Protect Plus provides everything that Immunet Protect Free provides, plus a host of advanced antivirus capabilities, including enhanced virus removal, the ability to schedule virus scans, offline scanning that protects PCs even when they’re disconnected from the Internet, and more.

About Immunet
Immunet was founded in July 2008 by AntiVirus industry veterans to address a sweeping shift in the Internet threat landscape. Immunet utilizes the latest advances in computing, including cloud computing, collective intelligence, data mining and machine learning. Immunet Protect 2.0 is a free Cloud AntiVirus download that provides real-time protection from over 16.5 million threats daily.

To connect with Immunet please visit us on Twitter @immunet or visit the Immunet Facebook Fan Page.


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