Friday, April 1, 2011

Disney Tangled movie poster giveaway ends 1/6

Tangled features Rapunzel (Mandy Moore), a young girl hidden away from the world by her overprotective mother, Gothel. Rapunzel dreams of discovering what the world holds, when suddenly Flynn Ryder (Zachary Levi), a caddish drifter stumbles into her life. They strike a deal and Flynn agrees to lead her through the forest and find the hidden strength she never knew.

How would you like to win a Hand Signed Movie Poster??? Flynn Ryder himself Mr. Zachary Levi will personally hand sign a Tangled movie poster for one of my readers!

To enter: Answer me this...what was Rapunzel holding in her hand while Flynn was tied to the chair in the video clip above? (if you don't see it click the tab in the widget that says videos)
Please be sure to leave me a valid email address!

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  1. Hi, I saw the movie. So I think I am expert, haha for Tangled movie triva. I am pretty sure she was holding a pan. Also what does the movie poster look like? Thank You!