Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday wrap up

The girls had their surgery at the end of March and spent 3 long weeks stuck in the house. Paige went back to school on day 10 but was not allowed to run, jump, or dance around for another 10 days.

I am backlogged! I am so far behind on posting I am going to do a marathon blog session today!
Hey at least I can admit my faults...I get distracted easily and I procrastinate but that is what gives me my charm <3

Piper's 5th birthday party (beginning of March) was wonderful and she had so much fun! She had a lot of friends come out to eat and bowl it was chaos squared but well worth it!
We served hot dogs, subs, pasta salad, and chips and it was almost completely gone by the end of the party!
All of the kids loved the treat bags stuffed with fun items provided by Century Novelty and Peaceable Kingdom. Everyone went home happy!

She had a custom Pirates and Princesses cake from Walmart and it tasted great too :)
She went nuts when she opened her PillowPets backpack and slippers. The backpack goes everywhere with her now and the slippers are always on her feet!
We bowled for a few hours even after the guests all left. Everyone got a kick out of her in the party dress from Pink Princess with bowling shoes! (doesn't she look like a precious moments girl?)

A big thank you to all of my sponsors for helping give her a 5th birthday bash to remember!


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