Saturday, September 24, 2011

J&O Fabric Store Review & throw pillow sewing tutorial

I am far from a sewing expert but I can make quite a bit of stuff. I wanted a change in my living room. The best and cheapest option for me was to make new covers for my throw pillows.I was sent this adorable fabric by J&O Fabric Store.
My opinion of the fabrics: Very nice in appearance, no flaws or snags. Fabric came to me cut evenly so I lost no yardage trying to trim it straight. Nice and thick, not see through. I like that they have hard to find fabrics as well as the basics so you can get everything from 1 place! I am already planning a Christmas project :) 

You want to start by measuring the existing pillow you have (or have measurements for 1 that you want to make from scratch). The standard is 16"-18" cubed. 
Add 2" to your height and width before cutting to allow for seams
Cutting both pieces (back and front) of the pillow at the same time makes it easier to line them up. 
Once cut place them with the nice sides together and pin into place all the way around. 
Stitch 3 sides only, leaving one whole side open.
I like to cut the corner pieces off to make a cleaner corner but you can skip this step if you would like. 
Turn the cover right side out and stuff with pillow filling or a pillow. Fold the open edges in and stitch shut.
You now have a completed pillow/pillow cover! 
I have a large couch so I made 5 pillow covers and incorporated an old pillow I had laying around!
What do you think?
They really liven up the living room and everyone loves them! I would love to see what you can create! 
A big thank you to J&O Fabric Store for the adorable fabrics!

*I was provided product free of charge for the purpose of review, my opinions were in no way influenced by the sponsor*

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