Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kinderville Review

I love packing snacks for my girls for lunch in little containers. The major problem is finding containers that do not spill or pop open that they can actually open themselves. Kinderville has come to my rescue! I would not have thought of silicone jars.
These are the Little Bites Storage Jars and I love them! The lids pop in and out easily and stay in by suction. Piper takes a snack everyday for kindergarten and these work great for her little goldfish. Packing them in a baggie often leads to crushed fishies :(                                                Paige packs her own lunch normally and I spied her using these for her ranch dressing to dip her broccoli in. They are the perfect size for lunch boxes!

Another great item they sent me were the Little Bites Ice Pop Molds. They keep their hands clean and they just squeeze the bottom and it pushes the ice pop right to the top! Most of the melted pop goes right back down into the mold while they eat! Definitely a Popsicle WIN!

Last but not least the kids' favorite item that was sent to us by Kinderville was the EasySqueezy lotion applicator.  Now I know a lot of you are thinking...why would you need an applicator for lotion? Well the answer is simple. Have you ever let your child put lotion on themselves? Mine do it and end up with a thick white layer on them because with kids more is more right? 
You fill the bottle with your favorite lotion. There is a twist cap that you open that slowly dispenses lotion onto the soft foam pad. Then you rub it onto your skin and ta-da no more coated children! I have used it also because I like that my hands don't get greasy from applying lotion! The girls and I love it! I have been carrying it in my purse. 
Kinderville has many more great products to offer, you should check them out!

*I was provided product free of charge for the purpose of review. My opinions are my own and are not influenced by the sponsor in any way*


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