Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To Blog or not to Blog...

Hello all it has been a long time... It has been almost a year since I have posted here. Life happens. Family issues, time, kids, stuff happens. I am really wanting to get back to what I enjoy. Do I have any of you left out there? I would like to get back to daily blogging and doing reviews. If you read this can you please leave me a comment to show me that I still have some of you there :) We are in a new house in a new town,and are now the proud caretakers of 11 chickens!

We have also adopted 2 loveable 3 year old puggles named Jacob and Bella (lol)

Our girls are growing like weeds! Piper isn't a baby anymore :( Paige is blossoming into a beautiful pre-teen (and has the attitude that goes with it) 

We learned recently that Piper needed glasses. She likes that she has 2 pair so she can alternate between her 2 favorite colors... pink and purple.

 During the big thaw we had last month we took the chance to go outside and get dirty and play in the chicken coop too. We are loving the country life!


  1. Welcome back!!
    The girlies are getting so big!
    I always wanted chickens. The Hubbs says no, and that they're not allowed within township limits. Each time I throw away food scraps, I say to him, "That could have gone to the chickens!"
    Hope life has been treating you well!

  2. My girls love taking scraps out to the chickens! We have learned that they really love lettuce and leftover spaghetti haha. We are in a township here too.Yesterday we bought an old Chevy pick up too lmao. There is a large garden plot already plowed so I can't wait to get my hands dirty :) So that and canning will both be new adventures!


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